Monday, February 20, 2012


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Let's face it, put a few Japanese game developers in a room, and they will either make a JRPG with stereotypical anime style graphics, something with moe girls and perverted jokes, or this......We <3 Katamari.
Now the reason I am reviewing this is because its probably my favorite game in the Katamari series (haven't played Katamari Forever on the PS3 yet.). This game is strange, does not take a lot of sense, but its one of my favorite PS2 games out there.  Lets tear it apart!

Ok so basically you've got this King of Cosmos guy, he I guess rules everything, and his song The Prince, which you play as! So basically it leaves off after the first game, and the king during the entire game brags about how great the Katamari franchise is, and that everyone playing should BUY THE FIRST GAME!!!! So yeah you roll stuff up, help people that request you roll stuff up, and unlock these cut scenes that show How the Kind of Cosmos grew up under his strict and mean father, how he met his wife, and had a kid. The cut scenes are cool I guess, but the story is not important nor is it any good. Katamari is not about the story after!

Ok so I would prefer people play it themselves to at least attempt to understand whats going on in this game. You have a small ball, and you roll it around picking up smaller things, then the more you pick up, the bigger you ball gets (called a Katamari) and the bigger things you can pick up. Eventually you will be rolling cities and destroying peoples lives for your own gain, which the King claims is "helping" the world. The world in the game is a huge mic of just about every country crammed together, you got a Japanese area, and a mountain diving it from a Europe like area (realistic geography eh?) its very fun and addictive game play, all while colorful graphics flash all over and cute Jpop plays! The only thing I dislike is almost EVERY time you play you get a time limit, and the fact that there is no mod where you can role up the whole world without a limit or time limit!

To put this short, they are nice colorful graphics, and they look very strange...all the people have like box bodies and heads, and in the game you will see odd things like 10 elephants on top of each other balancing a trailer or something, or flying whales (this is true). This game has its own art style to it, so they look really nice! GOOD JOB!

I SURE LOVE THE MUSIC IN THIS GAME ITS SO COOL OK THANKS BYE! But really the music is GREAT, its all done from various Jpop artists and the sound team that worked on this game! I do prefer the music more in the third on on the Xbox 360 (Beautiful Katamari).

Fun game play.
Great music.
Colorful graphics.
Entertaining because its such a odd and quirky game.

Almost always a annoying time limit.
Wish the game was longer and had more levels.
No free roll mode where you can roll stuff up without time or limits.

Game total- 9/10



Friday, September 30, 2011

Kotobukiya 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted "Ayane" Figure Review.

Now, many people know (that play fighting games anyway) Ayane from the Dead or Alive series, and this figure I'm reviewing today, is from Dead or Alive 4 in particular. I originally bought this figure about 4-5 months ago, and had it on hold at a hobby shop for quite a while, I admired how beautifully sculpted it was, and just had to add it to my growing figurine collection, when I bought it at the store, the retail price was around 130 dollars, and boy was it worth it!!!!!